20th May is World Bee Day


Did you know that 20th May is World Bee Day? This is observed each year to raise the awareness of the importance of pollinators, without whom none of us could survive. They are, however, under threat, and need our support in keeping them healthy as they not only contribute directly to food security, but are also an important factor for keeping biodiversity.
We are therefore happy to let you know that in the beginning of April, we gave 1.8 Million Bees a new home on our premises in Raguhn-Jessnitz. They live in 60 hives on the side of our building, and apparently this number will increase to 3 Million over the course of the summer.
They are getting along well with our sheep, too, and we are always looking forward to our beekeeper‘s visits to learn more about them and their impact on our environment.

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