Used machines - the sustainable alternative to new machines.

Sustainability is becoming increasingly important in today's world. The use of used machines provides many opportunities to make a meaningful contribution:



Supporting the circular economy

The deployment of used machinery is a fundamental aspect of the circular economy model. By maximising the utilisation of machines, a closed-loop system is created in which resources are continuously used and reused.



Resource conservation

Large volumes of resources such as energy, water and raw materials are required to manufacture new machines. The deployment of used machinery helps conserve these resources by extending the lifespan of existing machinery.



Reduced carbon footprint

The production of new machines leads to greenhouse gas emissions. The deployment of used machinery, on the other hand, helps reduce the carbon footprint since fewer new machines need to be produced.


Waste prevention / material conservation

By reusing used machinery, the scrapping of material that is still fit for use is avoided. Additional benefit: The energy required for scrapping is also saved.



Sustainability at our site in Raguhn-Jessnitz/Germany

We live sustainability. That is why we source genuine green energy from Naturstrom. We thus reduce our ecological footprint and significantly improve our climate balance. That feels good - good for us and good for the environment.

Hauser Machinen also thinks out of the box when it comes to sustainability. Instead of a conventional lawn mower, for example, we let our local veterinarian’s sheep graze on our premises. This saves us petrol for the lawnmower and supports the diversity of flora and fauna. Additionally, we provide a home for 60 bee colonies on our property, contributing to the protection and conservation of these insects, which are important for all of us.


Social commitment

We are aware of our social responsibility, and regularly donate to local charities with a focus on supporting youth work, such as sports, education and the arts.

Hauser Maschinen also sponsors a child at Peduli Anak, an association on the island of Lombok, Indonesia which supports children from difficult circumstances. The association was chosen after the Hauser family personally witnessed the need for support during the severe earthquake of 2018. Our original private sponsorship has been supplemented by a corporate sponsorship.